Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing? You heard the term affiliate marketing and now you want more information. I have good news. You are in the right spot. Yesterday after I mentioned to a friend that I made a couple of affiliate marketing sales, she asked me "what is affiliate marketing". This is what I told her. As an affiliate marketer, you promote (try to sell) someone or a company s product. This could be anything like books, information products, insurance services -- you name it and there is probably an affiliate program for it. If they buy based on your promotion, you get paid a commission. This type of selling has been done offline for years and years. Online it has existed for approximately 10 years. The neat thing about doing it online is you really don t need to sell. If you are promoting a good product you just need to get the word out by writing about it or creating a video on YouTube. I need to point something out that is important -- very important. To be successful, you need to pick-up a good product in a hot market. Frankly, this is the hard part for a marketer and is a topic that requires a whole book or college course. So if you are still with me, this must sound interesting to you. I suggest the next step is to get affiliate marketing training. Do you have to? Of course not, but one of two things will likely happen to you. 1) You will lose money 2) You will lose money and quit It took me a long time to find the right training. There are so many promises of junk bonuses and promotions that never come close to the real deal so keep your guard up. As an expert in his field, Tyler Monesy created the site what is affiliate marketing to help people looking for affiliate marketing training. You can visit his site at http://tylertalksmoney.com/affiliatemarketing

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