Monday, March 3, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Residual Income Secrets

The idea or dream of knowing the affiliate marketing residual income secrets and there by obtaining residual income has become a topic of much discussion on the Internet. It is a much sought after goal. This is quite natural since virtual everyone who has spent much time looking at marketing online knows the value of residual income. Everyone wants to know the secrets. Probably the most important secret is to learn things and then apply them. One of the main secrets of Internet/Affiliate marketing is to take action. Marketing affiliate programs is probably the best and fastest way to make income on the Internet. If you can turn you affiliate marketing efforts into residual income, you have developed one of the secrets to life long financial security. What is affiliate marketing? This is basically, marketing products that you do not own. You market someone else s product. You become an associate or affiliate of that person s product. You sell his product and you get some percentage of the selling price. So, what are the secrets of affiliate marketing residual income? There are many, but commitment ranks at the top of the list. More people fail in Internet marketing because of a lack of commitment than anything else. Why should there be any secrets here? If you don t make a commitment and take action, how could you possibly expect to gain anything - and that includes residual income or any other type of income. Don t give up, affiliate marketing does work - many people have proven that. You need to commit to making it work for you. That is the problem for many people; they haven t learned that one of the secrets is work. Many just want residual income, not work. It won t work without work. Also, you have to make a commitment to spend some money. Like Awl-Mart, you will have advertising costs, administrative costs, income tax cost, etc. You have to know that you are in a business. Therefore, you will have to be about the task of affiliate marketing website promotion. That is, promotion of your web site. No real secrets here - you must be involved in affiliate marketing website promotion; i.e., you must promote your affiliate link or a web page that links to your affiliate link. You will have to market your product if you want to make money from affiliate marketing. You will have to master the skills that are necessary to get your product before people - that s called affiliate referral marketing. Another of the many secrets is that you need referrals in order to succeed. You have to get people interested in what you have to offer. Again this goes back to the first of the secrets. You have to take action and market your product. No one will purchase your product if you do not tell them about it. The only way to tell them about your product is to advertise it. So among the secrets is the commitment of time, effort, and money to your affiliate marketing business and residual income will come. This will not necessarily happen over night, but as you stay focused and work at your affiliate marketing business, it will happen. There are many affiliate marketing residual income secrets, you just have to develop a plan and commit to it and start using the secrets - read the proven methods of affiliate marketing. Lonnie Minton writes about List Building and Affiliate Marketing in his newsletter, eCourses, and eBooks. Visit his blog at Sign up for his Affiliate Profits eZine at

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