Thursday, March 6, 2008

Increase Affiliate Marketing Profits With Blogging

Do you think it s true that blogging is one of the best ways to make money these days? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how you put your blog together. The personal aspect of blogging makes it much easier for readers to consider you as their friend. You should write a blog post like you are actually talking to a person. Give real advice and a lot of information. This way, the people who read your blog become your “friends” and return over and over for continued advice. Unfortunately, you can’t just stop at blogging. If you want to make money at it, you still need to treat it like a separate part of your business. Here are a few things you might want to consider adding to your arsenal of blogging tools. Always remember to include the basics: Put Google AdSense ads on your sidebar; include affiliate links inside your content; and randomly include an affiliate banner or two at the end of your posts. The most important thing, and the one that is most overlooked, is to find other blogs that are similar to yours and leave comments. Most bloggers love it when people comment on their blog. It shows them that somebody is reading what they write and is interested in the subject. Informative comments serve two purposes. The blog owner, as well as the reader, may click through to your site and begin reading your blog. By adding comments that include your web-site address, your post gets an incoming link to your web site or blog. That helps you get more search engine traffic. Be careful when posting comments. Don’t just post a sentence and then add your link. People catch on to this pretty quick and no one will click on the link if they think your comment is useless. Also, if the blog is moderated; your post might be deleted before anyone gets to read it. For most people, blogging takes some time to become profitable. People will continue reading your blog, they will send their friends to it, and eventually you will get more people linking to you. Ultimately, that helps lead to good rankings. You can also use trackbacks when blogging. The best-case scenario is that another blog owner will reference your blog in their articles; and then use the trackback function to link to your blog. Be sure to put a form on your blog that lets people sign up for a newsletter. As more people start reading your blog, and more people link to it, you will start seeing profits from your affiliate links and adsense ads. And, you will make more income from the information you send in the newsletters as you increase your subscriber base. Anik Singal is an Internet Entrepreneur and expert in affiliate marketing, including the latest web traffic tactics. For a free course that explains how he earned $10,466 in just 60 days using proven marketing principles, visit

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