Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How To Make Affiliate Marketing Work

WHAT IS . . . Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses. Its potential is endless and it works for you 24 hours a day, every day. So how exactly does affiliate marketing work? Every business wants to sell its products and most have discovered that they have a huge worldwide market when they get online. But this means advertising to bring people to your website to see your products, and this carries an associated cost. What better way to sell your product than to have someone else do the selling for you, an affiliate marketer, and pay them a commission on each sale! You could be this affiliate marketer. So, if you want to be an affiliate marketer, find a product that you believe in and could get enthusiastic about, and then look up the website and look for the "affiliate" link. Once there you will be given a special affiliate s hyperlink that you can use to direct people to this particular business. This hyperlink also tellsthe business that the person who buys as a result of your advertising was sent by you. So, if there s a sale, you, the affiliate marketer, get the commission! An important part of this whole affiliate marketing process is the advertising that the affiliate does. And there are a lot of sites on the internet that are there to help the affiliate marketer to do this. CONCENTRATE ON ONE Although in the beginning, the affiliate marketer will want to experiment a bit, it doesn t take long to work out that it is far more effective to concentrate on one business, especially if that business has a 2 tier affiliate program. This means that any method that the affiliate marketer uses to advertise the business is concentrated and you aren t spreading yourself too thin. PUT IN THE HARD YARDS The Macquarie Dictionary defines "Hard Yards" as "To go through with difficult and demanding work in order to achieve an end." Whatever the promises that may be made, profitable affiliate marketing doesn t happen easily. The money does not just start rolling in without a fair bit of hard work from you, the affiliate marketer, to begin with. But this dies not mean that you shouldn t give affiliate marketing a go. In fact, when you achieve something after hard work it is far more rewarding that if it just fell in your lap. This is the case with affiliate marketing. BE WILLING TO INVEST A LITTLE It is true that you can be an affiliate marketer without having to spend any of your own money. And this may be a good way to start, so that you don t buy any "dead ducks". However, in the long run, once the affiliate marketer has settled on a particular business, it is probably worth buying some of the excellent affiliate marketing ebooks that are available to help you improve what you are doing. There are also various programs available to help you to set up your affiliate marketing selling and processing equipment and to improve your selling techniques. But don t rush into these. LOOK FOR 2 TIER AFFILIATE MARKETS A 2 tier affiliate market is simply one in which you are paid for introducing another affiliate marketer to the business, and then when they in turn bring another person into the business you are paid again. This makes the whole exercise more profitable. There are plenty of guidelines to finding these two- or multi-tier affiliate marketing businesses if you simply Google up "2 tier affiliate list" or something similar. HAVE FUN! Affiliate marketing should be fun as well as profitable. Of course it must be taken seriously, but what could be better than sitting at home and working under your own conditions, with your own affiliate marketing business, and seeing the money rolling in. The secret is to keep the balance between enjoyment and diligence. If you do this affiliate marketing will bring you financial freedom. Ray Moore Founder http://flyfreeenterprises.com You can find financial freedom: http://flyfreeenterprises.com

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